Thursday, 21 November 2013


The Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 imposes an obligation on tenants of commercial leases entered into on or after 3rd April 2012 to furnish the PSRA ( Property Services Regulatory Authority) with the following information:-

  • The address and description of the leased commercial property
  • The date of the lease of the property
  • The term of years of the lease
  • The rent payable in respect of the property
  • The commencement date of the terms of the lease
  • The capital consideration (if any) to be paid by the tenant or the landlord in respect of the commercial property the subject of the lease
  • The frequency of the rent review in respect of the property
  • The particulars relating to who is liable in respect of the rates, insurance, service charges and repairs in respect of the property
  • The net floor area for each floor of the property
  • The particulars (if any) relating to rent free periods, fitting out time allowed, fit out allowances and capital contributions in respect of the property
  • The particulars relating to any break-clause in the lease
  • The certificate i.d  number (within the meaning of  regulation 2 of the Stamp Duty (E-stamping of Instruments) Regulation 2009) of that Stamp Certificate 
  • Such other particulars as may be prescribed by regulations.
The first four requirements only apply to commercial leases entered into since 1st January 2010.

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